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Can UK Still Be A Good Market??

If thats your question then its definitely a BIG YES!! Despite all the turbulence surrounding the Brexit, the UK still provides the best businesses opportunities for new and budding entrepreneurs. 44% of the UK population still consider this country the best place in Europe to start a new business. UK beats Germany and puts it in second place with huge difference as far as the awaited entrepreneurial talent is concerned.

  • Simple & Easy Taxation

    Easily one of the most complicated factors to global expansion is navigating the complications of the tax system. In the UK, it�s pretty simple compared to other foreign markets. Currently, the corporate tax rate is set at 20%. In addition, the UK has double taxation agreements through treaties with other countries so as a result, most UK-based companies will not pay Corporation Tax on foreign dividends. There is also a Value Added Tax (VAT) payable on most goods and services supplied in the UK, currently set at 20%. This can be an additional benefit to companies operating in the region.

  • Ease of doing business

    One of the largest benefits of doing business in the United Kingdom is the ease of doing business. According to World Bank, the UK has one of the highest ease of doing business scores out of all the countries in the world. There are several opportunities available in different sections from advanced manufacturing to IT. Plus, the restrictions to start a new operation are relatively low compared to other developed countries in both the East and West.

  • Strong Infrastructure

    A strong infrastructure is important to the overall growth of your business in any country. In the UK, there are ongoing infrastructure improvements in areas including energy, transportation, waste management, and telecommunications. The region�s focus on sustainable change and positive improvements ensure there is a solid foundation for successful business operations.

  • Skilled Employees

    Another primary reason for moving operations into Europe is the vast pool of skilled employees. In fact, the UK has a workforce of more than 30 million people, which is the second largest workforce in the European Union. In addition to having many qualified workers, the UK has a flexible market with regulations designed to protect employees. As an employer, this should be viewed as a benefit. You can follow pre-established rules and regulations that improve the life of your team members.

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